Chairman’s Message

I avail this opportunity in conveying my sincere gratitude to those who have visited our website and shown interest in our company’s product. Since our inception 1989, we have grappled with every obstruction as if they were necessary to occur. We knew, as a team, that we would stand together and sail through time. And we did. Our honesty is our strength and it helped us in reaching this far in life.

It is our dedication and conviction in our work that has laid the rudiments of our company. Our growth and excellence is because of our team. We believed in the imminent success because believed in ourselves. Since we began till now, there have been changes in the name of growth.
We do not straightway go for evaluating the quality of our products. We ensure whether what we produce or manufacture is what our customer demands. We learn with the global developments by associating ourselves closely with the demands of our customers.

In keeping with the pace of these demands, we have still remained sincere with the motive with which we started our company. And the motive of our company has been simple- it is the goals that should keep changing, not the reputation.

Sanjeev Rathi
Chairman and CMD