The wide distribution of any stone depends upon its availability and abundance. Albeit, these two factors may be present yet there are other impediments due to which these fine stones do not reach people. However, the stock by EON-ON3 of these stones is regarded as the finest natural stone all across the known regions. One cannot rebut the beauty these stones have rendered to the monuments built in the past. Till today, the look of those monuments has remained intact given the quality of these stones used in them.

Indian Mines

One of the leading products, touted as ‘Exotic Marble’ is a natural mixing of three stones in one slab. The slab comprises of marble, granite and onyx. Why called exotic? At times, just one stone may not be able to do the wonders what fusion does. A look that seems fit for bathroom cladding, flooring, highlighters, kitchen tops and vanity counters, staircase and wall cladding is only possible when few stones are mixed together. The elegance gets magnified with the fusion provided in these stones.

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